Astra 8 250x250x80 (mm) Astra 10 250x250x100 (mm) Dito 240x60x80 (mm) Tor 200x200x282.8x80 (mm) Plaza 2x2 200x200x80 (mm) Plaza 4x2 400x200x80 (mm) Plaza 6x2 600x200x80 (mm) Plaza 6x4 600x400x80 (mm) Hansa 6 300x300x60 (mm) Hansa 7 375x375x70 (mm) Hansa 7 Plus 500x500x70 (mm) Hansa 8 375 x 375 x 80 (mm) Hansa 8 Plus 375x750x80 (mm) Grande 1000x300x140 (mm) Grande Plus 1200x400x120 (mm) Troja 160x160x80 (mm) Troja Plus 240x160x80 (mm) Dekor 8 150x150x80 (mm) Dekor 8 Plus 300x150x80 (mm) Kuba 6B Plus 198x198x60 (mm) Nida 160x160x60 (mm) Eco Line 200x100x80 (mm) Eco Domino 333x333x110 (mm) Eco 8 600x400x80 (mm) Nord 6 Set 1174x964x60 Tavr 8 200x165x80 (mm) Tavr 10 200x165x100 (mm) Tavr 8B 200x165x80 (mm) Unicolok 8 225(112.5)x225(112.5)x80 (mm) Unicolok 10 225(112.5)x225(112.5)x100 (mm) Unicolok 12 225(112.5)x225(112.5)x120 (mm) Unicolok 8 Set 1122x900x80 a) 225x225x80 b) 225x112.5x80 (mm) Unicolok 10 Set 1122x900x100 a) 225x225x100 b) 225x112.5x100 (mm) Prizma 5 200x100x50 (mm) Prizma 6 100x200x60 (mm) Prizma 6B 200x100x60 (mm) Prizma 8 100x200x80 (mm) Prizma 8B 200x100x80 (mm) Prizma 8B Plus 260x130x80 (mm) Prizma 8 Set 1200x900x80 (mm) Nostal 6 Plus 178x118x60 (mm) Nostal 8 Plus 178x118x80 (mm) Prizma 6D 200x100x60 (mm) Prizma 8D 200x100x80 (mm) Prizma 6L 200x100x60 (mm) Prizma 8L 200x100x80 (mm) Veja 8x20 1000x80x200 (mm) Veja 8x30 1000x80x300 (mm) Velo 1000x80x200-160 (mm) Via 1000x150x300 (mm) Via B 1000x150x220 (mm) Via C 1000x150x220 (mm) Via CR 1000x150x220-300 (mm) Via CL 1000x150x300-220 (mm) Via R1 780x150x300 (mm) Via R3 780x150x300 (mm) Via R5 780x150x300 (mm) Via R8 780x150x300 (mm) Via R12 780x150x300 (mm) Scala 1000 x 430 x 110 (mm) Akva 8 300x200x80 (mm) Akva 10 300x200x100 (mm)

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